Where Can I see  and Buy this work?


  • The Laughing Owl
  • ED's Downtown Goldsboro - NEW
  • CPA Anne-Marie Wright - NEW
  • Emerge Med Spa
  • Troys Guitar Garage
  • Wayne County Arts Council
  • I have a bunch at my house...

Hi, friend!


Welcome to the new Rockstar canvas site. My name is Eric Schreffler and I am here to be your personal artist. Contact me today to talk about your ideas. 919-273-0199

"Art isn't what you see or hear, but how you feel..." - Eric Schreffler

Award Winning Airbrush Artist Eric Schreffler



$75.00 ea with Easel


LIVE Painting Aug 7, Arts Council Goldsboro

Clayton Arts Council - OCT 2015

Garner Arts Council - NOV 2015