Steam punk stratocaster Finished
Steam punk stratocaster start
Acoustic Guitar Artwork
Steam punk stratocaster Artwork

The Steam Punk Stratocaster. This Guitar started off red, was stripped, primed, added Faux Woodgrain and Internal workings and gauges and Cleared. This is a working guitar and is available

Steampunk Bass Guitar
Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster Airbrush

Guitar paint commissions are a great way to revitalize an instrument. I do have the right to decline painting a guitar if i deem it a classic or vintage. Prices vary on these commissions so a detailed account of what would be needed has to be taken into account.

  • Does it need to be taken apart or is the body already by it self with the electronics out. It the neck to be painting? Pickups?
  • Does it need repair? Dings, holes, etc.
  • How much artwork? Ideas?

The process begins with a discussion of the design and completion. I will give a quote that will be within 10% of the final. I require a 25% down non-refundable to start the design step.    ARE YOU READY?  PUSH THE BUTTON ABOVE!

Steampunk Acoustic

RockStar Studios

 Award winning Airbrush Artist Eric Schreffler